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The incredible multi-select, multi-action and multi-edit Domain Manager offers flawless manipulation of all generic and country code top-level domain names. Register, move or renew more than fifty domain name extensions: .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz and .us domains cost only A$22.15 AUD per year with Sun Coast Web Host. Custom Name Server and Domain Name System records, unmetered parked/hosted Top-Level Domain quotas, a domain name identity protection option, etc. are only several of the included domain administration features delivered by the most effective Domain Manager on today's TLD and site hosting marketplace. Secure Sockets Layer certificate registrations, activations and renewals can be executed effortlessly, with only several mouse clicks.

Popular Domain Names 1-year 2-years 10-years Hosting
with Domain
COM (Commercial) A$22.15 AUD A$44.30 AUD A$221.50 AUD
NET (Network) A$27.25 AUD A$54.50 AUD A$272.50 AUD A$18.67 AUD
BIZ (Business) A$33.10 AUD A$66.20 AUD A$331.00 AUD A$23.77 AUD
ORG (Non-Commercial) A$24.62 AUD A$49.24 AUD A$246.20 AUD A$16.98 AUD
INFO (Information) A$39.05 AUD A$78.10 AUD A$390.50 AUD A$27.16 AUD
PRO (Professional) A$36.71 AUD A$73.42 AUD A$367.10 AUD A$36.71 AUD
CO (Company) A$61.11 AUD A$122.22 AUD A$61.11 AUD
TV (Television) A$58.18 AUD A$116.36 AUD A$581.80 AUD A$58.18 AUD
NAME (Personal) A$25.46 AUD A$50.92 AUD A$254.60 AUD A$25.46 AUD
MOBI (Mobile) A$56.87 AUD A$113.74 AUD A$568.70 AUD A$56.87 AUD
CC (Abbreviations) A$39.05 AUD A$78.10 AUD A$390.50 AUD A$39.05 AUD
ASIA (Asia) A$28.86 AUD A$57.72 AUD A$288.60 AUD A$28.86 AUD
State Domain Names 1-year 2-years 10-years Hosting
with Domain
US (United States) A$16.89 AUD A$33.78 AUD A$168.90 AUD
COM.AU (Austraila) A$22.92 AUD A$40.74 AUD A$22.92 AUD
NET.AU (Austraila) A$24.62 AUD A$44.14 AUD A$24.62 AUD
EU (European Union) A$15.28 AUD A$30.56 AUD A$152.80 AUD
ME (Montenegro) A$39.18 AUD A$78.36 AUD A$391.80 AUD A$39.18 AUD